2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

DH-B1 BGA Rework Station can replace safely the smallest components like LED from LED panels (without damaging nearby good LED ) to the biggest BGA components on laptops, game stations and desktop video boards and motherboards. It is also ideal for replacing small components on smart phones without damaging nearby connectors and other plastic parts.

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2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine


1. Product Features of 2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

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1. The system has an automated cooling fan that is activated simply by moving it into pl The spring loaded vacuum pik can be used to automatically lift the component off the PCB upon complete reflow.

2. System is fitted with a built in vacuum wand that allows for manual removal if required. 

3. High definition touch screen (Taiwan) , PCL control, can save multiple groups profile, password protection and modify function, equipped with instant temperature curve analysis function

4. There are 3 independent heating areas. The 1st and 2nd are hot-air heaters, the 3rd is IR preheating

5. Offer all kinds of hot-air nozzle, it can rotate 360°;With magnet, easy to install and change, customized is available.

3.Specification of 2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

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4.Details of 2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

1. HD Touch screen interface;  

2.Three independent heaters ( hot air & infrared ) ;

3. Vacuum pen;

4.Led headlamp.

5.Why Choose Our 2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine? 

6.Certificate of 2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

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7.Packing & Shipment of 2 in 1 Head Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

8.Related knowledge

The difference between the motherboard Northbridge chip and the Southbridge chip

When people purchase computer motherboards, they will hear from salespeople about what the motherboard's Northbridge chipset and Southbridge chipset are. Many customers do not know what the chipset is all about. How do we distinguish the Southbridge chip and the Northbridge chipset? Xiao Bian first briefly introduced a simple way to distinguish between

two chips! The Northbridge chip is a chip located near the CPU socket and is usually covered with heat sinks. The South Bridge chip is located far from the CPU slot and generally covers a smaller heat sink than the North Bridge.

1. How to distinguish between Southbridge and Northbridge chips?

Distinguish South Bridge Chip and North Bridge Chip by Function:

South Bridge:

The South Bridge chip is mainly responsible for the control of peripheral interfaces such as I/O interfaces, control of IDE devices, and additional functions. Common VIA 8235, 8237, etc.; INTEL has CH4, CH5, CH6, etc.; nVIDIA MCP, MCP-T, MCP RAID and so on. In this part, brand-name motherboards are not very different from general motherboards. However,

brand-name motherboards have become the first choice for many people because of their excellent workmanship. Instead of excluding some of the motherboards with lesser quality in order to survive in the competition, they may adopt a more functional South Bridge in order to achieve a functional victory.

Divide the Southbridge chip and the Northbridge chip with the position of the chip on the main board:

North Bridge:

It is mainly responsible for the data exchange between the CPU and memory, and controls the AGP, PCI data transmission in its internal, is the main determinant of the performance of the motherboard. With the increasing integration of the chip, it also integrates many other features. For example, since Althon64 integrates a memory controller internally, nVidia has removed the South Bridge in its NF3 250, NF4 and other chipsets, and added Gigabit network and serial hard disk control functions in the North Bridge. The main brands of Northbridge core signage now include VIA, NVIDIA and SIS.

Of course, the quality of these chips is not determined by the motherboard

manufacturer. However, what kind of chip production is adopted by the motherboard manufacturer directly determines the performance of the motherboard. Such as: the same VIA chip, KT600> KT400A> KT333> KT266A and so on. At present, on the mainstream AMD platform,

the optional chipsets are: KT600, NF2, K8T800, NF3, etc. For the INTEL platform, there are 915, 865PE, PT880, 845PE, 848P and so on.

1, the main difference between South Bridge and North Bridge chips

Southbridge is mainly responsible for IO, Northbridge for CPU and memory, graphics card, PCI exchange data.

Northbridge and Southbridge are the two most important chipsets on the motherboard. They are bus controllers. They are bus control chips. Relatively speaking, the Northbridge is more important than the Southbridge. The Northbridge connects the system bus and is responsible for the CPU. Access to the memory of the task, while connecting the AGP socket, control the PCI bus, cut off the system bus and local bus, the speed is the fastest in this

segment. Southbridge and CPU connection is usually used for I / O and IDE devices Control, so the speed is relatively slow, under normal circumstances, the middle of the South Bridge and North Bridge is the PCI bus.

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