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2 Heating Zones Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine

1. Product Features of 2 heating zones touch screen bga rework machine

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1. Hot air and Infrared welding technology.

2. Hot air and Infrared heating, can avoid the IC damage due to the fast or uninterrupted heating up.

3. Easy operate; User can operate skillfully after one-day training.

4. No need welding tools, it can weld any chips under 50mm.

5. With 800W hot melt system, preheating range 240*180mm.

6. It doesn't impact the smart parts without hot air, and suits to weld BGA, SMD, CSP, LGA, QFP, PLCC and BGA reballing.

7. It suits for a variety of computer, notebook, play station's BGA components, especially in a Northbridge/ Southbridge chipset.

2.Specification of 2 heating zones touch screen bga rework machine

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3.Details of 2 heating zones touch screen bga rework machine

1.2 independent heaters ( hot air & infrared ); 

2.HD digital display ; 

3. HD touch screen interface , PLC control ; 

4.Led headlamp ;

4.Why Choose Our 2 heating zones touch screen bga rework machine? 

5.Certificate of 2 heating zones touch screen bga rework machine

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6.Packing & Shipment of 2 heating zones touch screen bga rework machine

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8.Related knowledge of 2 heating zones touch screen bga rework machine

How to remove soldering joint?

1. First, we must first preheat the PCB board and BGA to remove moisture from the PCB board and BGA. The oven can be controlled by a constant temperature oven. 

2. Pick the tuyere that fits the size of the BGA chip and assemble it to the machine. The upper tuyere must cover the BGA chip slightly, which may be a little larger than 1 to 2mm. Upper tuyeres may be larger than BGA, culture and education. However, it must not be less than BGA, otherwise it may incur uneven heating of the BGA. The lower tuyere is a tuyere larger than BGA. Compared to watching bga ball.

3. Fix the problematic PCB board on the BGA rework station. Adjust the position, clamp the PCB with the fixture and make the BGA lower tuyere (the irregular PCB can manipulate the shaped fixture). Bga ball BGA repair process (graphic tutorial). Pull out the temperature measuring line and adjust the position of the upper lower tuyere so that the upper tuyere covers the BGA and is connected to the BGA at an interval of about 1 mm. The lower tuyere is against the PCB board.

4. set the corresponding temperature curve, lead melting point 183 °C, bga ball. Lead-free melting point 217 °C. Bga ball. Follow the lead-free program temperature curve on the outside of the rework station to manipulate and hold the appropriate adjustments as shown in the figure. (The following figure is the parameters set when I personally return for repair. It is also for reference only. It is also proposed to operate the BGA rework station which may be connected to the set temperature curve in sequence, so that the operation force calculation is light and the temperature may be monitored in real time.

If you can't remove it, you know bga does it. Then follow the conditions encountered in the actual repair and conduct proper debugging.

5. click on welding, bga ball. When the alarm is on standby, remove the upper wind head and operate the vacuum suction pen that comes with the machine to suck up the BGA.

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