SMD SMT BGA Rework Machine

CCD camera optical automatic bga rework station Features Summary ☛ Automatic soldering ,desoldering and mounting , automatic pick up chip when desoldering completed. ☛ Chip auto feeding system enabled. ☛ Automatic desoldering, Mounting and Soldering, automatic pick up chip when desoldering completed. ☛ HD CCD Optical Alignment system for precisely mounting BGA and Components. CCD lens auto folding & streching. ☛ Independent MITSUBISHI PLC inside to control movements, movement more stable and accurate. ☛ Laser Positioning for Fast Positioning BGA Chip and motherboard. ☛ BGA mounting accuracy within 0.01mm , Repair success rate 99.9%. ☛ Equipped with top air flow adjust button, to meet the demands of tiny chips. ☛ Superior Safety Functions, with Emergency protection. ☛ User-friendly operation, Multi-functional ergonomic system.
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