Mobile Repair Reballing Machine

Mobile Repair Reballing Machine

1. Mobile Repair Reballing Machine for Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi Iphone motherboard. 2. Also suitable for laptop, PS3, PS4, computer. 3. CCD Camera optical alignment and High definition touch screen. 4. Can instantly analyze temperature to ensure high successful rate of repairing.

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Product Details

Automatic Optical Mobile Repair Reballing Machine

Mobile Repair Reballing Machine

Repair Reballing Machine

1.Application Of Automatic Mobile Repair Reballing Machine

Work with all kinds of motherboards or PCBA.

Solder, reball, desoldering different kind of chips: BGA,PGA,POP,BQFP,QFN,SOT223,PLCC,TQFP,TDFN,TSOP, PBGA,CPGA,LED chip.

2.Product Features of Automatic Optical Mobile Repair Reballing Machine

Automatic BGA Soldering Station with optical alignment


3.Specification of Automatic Optical Mobile Repair Reballing Machine

Laser position CCD Camera BGA Reballing Machine

4.Details of Automatic Optical Mobile Repair Reballing Machine

ic desoldering machine

chip desoldering machine

pcb desoldering machine

5.Why Choose Our Automatic Optical Mobile Repair Reballing Machine

motherboard desoldering machinemobile phone desoldering machine

6.Certificate of Automatic Optical Mobile Repair Reballing Machine

UL, E-MARK, CCC, FCC, CE ROHS certificates. Meanwhile, to improve and perfect the quality system, Dinghua has passed ISO, GMP, FCCA, C-TPAT on-site audit certification.

pace bga rework station

7.Packing & Shipment of Automatic Optical Mobile Repair Reballing Machine

Packing Lisk-brochure

8.Shipment for Automatic Optical Mobile Repair Reballing Machine

DHL/TNT/FEDEX. If you want other shipping term, please tell us. We will support you.

9. Terms of Payment

Bank transfer, Western Union, Credit Card.

Please tell us if you need other support. 

10. How DH-A2 Automatic Mobile Repair Reballing Machine work?

11. Related knowledge

Regarding Chipset

The chipset (Chipset) is the core component of the motherboard and can be compared to the bridge between the CPU and peripheral devices. In the computer industry, the manufacturer of the design chipset is called Core Logic. The Chinese meaning of the Core is the core or the center. The meaning of the light is enough to see its importance. For the motherboard, the chipset almost determines the function of the motherboard, which in turn affects the performance of the entire computer system. The chipset is the soul of the motherboard. The performance of the chipset determines the performance of the motherboard and the level of the level. At present, there are many types and functions of CPUs. If the chipset cannot work well with the CPU, it will seriously affect the overall performance of the computer or even not work properly.

Chipset classification

The current chipset is derived from the so-called VLSI: gate array control chip of the past 286 era. It can be classified according to the purpose, the number of chips, and the degree of integration.

Use classification

Can be divided into server / workstation, desktop, notebook and other types,

Classified by number of chips

Can be divided into a single chip chipset, the standard South and North Bridge chipset [where the North Bridge chip plays a leading role, also known as the Host Bridge. And multi-chip chipsets (mainly used for high-end servers/workstations),

Classified by level of integration

Divided into integrated chipset and non-integrated chipset and so on.


The motherboard chipset almost determines the full functionality of the motherboard.

North Bridge Chip

Provides support for CPU type and clock frequency, system cache support, motherboard system bus frequency, memory management (memory type, capacity and performance), graphics card slot specifications, ISA/PCI/AGP slot, ECC error correction, etc. stand by;

South Bridge Chip

Provides support for I/O, providing KBC (Keyboard Controller), RTC (Real Time Clock Controller), USB (Universal Serial Bus), Ultra DMA/33 (66) EIDE data transmission method and ACPI (Advanced Energy) Management) and other support. And determine the type and number of expansion slots, the type and number of expansion interfaces (such as USB2.0/1.1, IEEE1394, serial port, parallel port, notebook VGA output interface);

Highly integrated chipset

The reliability of the system chip is greatly improved, the fault is reduced, and the production cost is reduced. For example, some chipsets that incorporate functions such as 3D accelerated display (integrated display chip) and AC'97 sound decoding also determine the display performance and audio playback performance of the computer system.

Chipset identification

This is also very easy. Take the Intel 440BX chipset as an example. Its north bridge chip is the Intel 82443BX chip. It is usually placed on the motherboard near the CPU socket. Due to the high heat output of the chip, a heat sink is mounted on the chip. The South Bridge chip is located near the ISA and PCI slots, and the chip name is Intel 82371EB. The other chipsets are arranged in the same position.

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