Hot Air Touch Screen Bga Reballing Station

Hot air touch screen bga reballing station This BGA rework station DH-C1, with 6 universal fixtures, 2 pieces of beams, and V-groove for PCB fixed, so, such as, computer, mobile phone and Gaming console, PS3/4 etc. can be preheated on , and repaired. Product parameter of hot air touch screen BGA...

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Product Details

Hot air touch screen bga reballing station  


This BGA rework station DH-C1, with 6 universal fixtures, 2 pieces of beams, and V-groove for PCB fixed, so, such as, computer, mobile phone and Gaming console, PS3/4 etc. can be preheated on , and repaired.


Product parameter of hot air touch screen BGA reballing station

Total Power


Top heater


Bottom heater

Lower heater:1200W, Bottom IR: 2700W


110~220 V±10%50/60Hz     

Top heater movement

Right/left, frontward/backward, rotate freely.


Taiwan led working light, any angle adjusted.


50000 groups of temperature profiles

Operation mode

HD touch screen, intelligent conversational interface, digital system setting


Intelligent positioning, PCB can be adjusted in X, Y direction with “5 points support” + V-groov pcb bracket + universal fixtures.

Temperature control

K Sensor, Closed loop

Temp accuracy


PCB size

Max 390mm*400mm  Min20*20mm

BGA chip


Minimum chip spacing


Temper sensor



L560×W590×H690 mm

Net weight

Approx 32KG


Product's feature

1. Adopted with Linear slider which can do fine tuning and quick orientation with perfect positioning accuracy and speedily maneuverability PCB repair machine.

2. Equipped with touch panel interface to ensure it work stably and reliably. And it can storage multiple temperature profiling data of users. With password protection and modification function while power on. The temperature profiles will be displayed on the touch screen. 
3. Three temperature zones to heat up independently, hot air heaters between upper and lower zones, IR heat in the bottom, temperature precise control is ±2℃.The upper temperature zone can be moved freely according to needs, the second zone can be adjusted up and down. The top and bottom heaters can be set several segments control at the same time. IR heating zone can be adjusted output power in the light of operation requirements. 

4. The hot air nozzle can be rotated in 360 degree, the IR heater in the bottom can heat up the PCB board uniformly.
5. High accuracy K-type thermocouple closed-loop controlling. It can test temperature accurately through external temperature measurement interface, PCB board positioned by closed V-shape slot. The flexible and convenient universal jigs can prevent any damage or PCB deformation as well as it is suitable for all size of BGA package.

6. Having alarm prompt function after welding is done, specially added early warning function for convenient operation.

7. It has Passed CE certificate. It is equipped with emergency stop switch and protection equipment to power off automatically when abnormal accident happened. Under this situation that temperature is out of control, circuit can automatically cut off the power with double over temperature protection function.pcb repair machine.


Product details of hot air touch screen BGA reballing station

3 heaters.jpg 

3 independent heating areas, upper hot air, lower hot air and preheating IR, upper/lower nozzles can be customized according to chip size or shape etc.


IR heating area for PCB preheated, suited for 390*400mm, such as , iphone, macbook and other cell phone, computers’ PCB.


cheap rework station.jpg 

“5-point” support underneath PCB that is heating up , in order to make it keep on the same level, so that protect PCB from being deformed.



PCB to be fixed.jpg 

PCB fixing

Thin-tip for the small hole in a PCB that no matter which is with any shape.

V-groove for those PCB with irregular shape



ir smd rework station.jpg 

Vacuum pen 

Pump built-in, vacuum pen installed outside of machine and with up to long 1m soft tube for chip picked up or replaced.


mobile bga rework station.jpg 

MCGS brand computer with touch screen, PID calculation for catching real-time temperature and calibrating , heat fade is much slower than compeers, those are the key important for a successful reworking result.


Products quality of hot air touch screen BGA reballing station

Vibration testing for soldering station.jpg   

Vibration testing machine for machine being able to vibrate like a vehicle running, so that we can see if there will be any problem occured, once did, it can be solved in workshop.


internationla Customer for rework station.jpg  


So far, such as Foxconn, ZTE and Gionee have been using our machines, and reflected very well, they have accepted out technique, so our machines must meet you too.


FAQ of hot air touch screen BGA reballing station

1. Q: What is the function of the flux in the soldering?

A: It is to clean the metal oxide layer on the surface of the solder, to reduce the surface tension and increase the heat transfer.


2. Q:What is flux?

A: Flux is the aiding material in soldering. Necessary for soldering, but after soldering no contribution and may even harm as a catalyst material.

3. Q:What is soldering?

A: Without interfering with the chemical or physical structure, the bonding of same or different metals with each other both electrically and mechanically by using another metal or alloy as the filler or retention.


4. Q: What is desoldering?

A: In electronics, desoldering is the removal of solder and components from a circuit board for troubleshooting, repair, replacement, and salvage.


Some of practical repairing technical

Conductor Repair, Surface Wire Method


This method is used on PC boards to replace damaged or missing circuits on the PC board surface. A length of standard insulated or non insulated wire is used to repair the damaged circuit.


The circuit widths, spacing and current carrying capacity must not be reduced below allowable tolerances.



1. Clean the area.

2. Remove the damaged section of circuit using the knife. The damaged circuit should be trimmed back to a point where the circuit still has a good bond to the PC board surface.



Heat can be applied to the damaged circuit using a soldering iron to allow the circuit to be removed more easily. 

3. Use a knife and scrape off any solder mask or coating from the ends of the remaining circuit.

4. Remove all loose material. Clean the area. 

5. Apply a small amount of liquid flux to the ends of the remaining circuit. Tin the exposed end of each circuit using solder and a soldering iron. 

6. Clean the area. 

7. Select a wire to match the width and thickness of the circuit to be replaced. Cut a length approximately as needed. See Table 1 for Solid Wire Equivalents.

8. Strip the wire and tin the ends if needed. Non insulated wire may be used for short repairs if conductors are not crossed. 

9. Clean the wire. 

10. If the wire is long or has bends, one end may be soldered prior to forming the new shape. Place the wire in position. The wire should overlap the existing circuit a minimum of 2 times the circuit width. The wire may be held in place with Kapton tape during soldering.

If the configuration permits, the overlap solder joint connection should be a minimum of 3.00 mm (0.125") from the related termination. This gap will minimize the possibility of simultaneous reflow during soldering operations. 

11. Apply a small amount of liquid flux to the overlap joint. 

12. Lap solder the wire to one end of the circuit on the PC board surface. Make sure the wire is properly aligned. 

Bend the wire as needed to match the shape of the missing circuit.

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