3 Heating Zones Touch Screen Bga Reballing Machine

3 heating zones touch screen bga reballing station The purpose of BGA rework station is to desolder, mount and solder BGA chip of laptop, xbox360, computer motherboard, ps3, etc. DH-5830 is very popular machine around the world, as its elegant appearance , affordable price and simple operation...

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Product Details

3 heating zones touch screen BGA reballing machine 


BGA/SMT rework station is high-end manual machine, with panelMaster computer, more intelligent, and faster calculation, in additional, the Air flow adjusting function, especially for small chip, such as, IC , Pop and QFN etc. repairing , high efficient and necessary.


The product parameter of 3 heating zones touch screen BGA reballing machine 

Total Power


Top heater


Bottom heater

2nd 1200W, 3rd IR heater 2700W


AC 110~240V±10% 50/60Hz


Taiwan led working light, any angle adjusted.

Operation mode

HD touch screen, intelligent conversational interface, digital system setting


50000 groups

Top head movement

Right/left, frontward/backward, rotate freely.

Top hot air speed

Can be adjusted with adjusting knob


Intelligent positioning, PCB can be adjusted in X, Y direction with “5 points support” + V-groov pcb bracket + universal fixtures.

Temperature control

K sensor, close loop

Temp accuracy


PCB size

Max 420×400 mm Min 22×22 mm

BGA chip

2x2 - 80x80 mm

Minimum chip spacing


External temper sensor




Net weight



The product feature of 3 heating zones touch screen BGA reballing machine 

3 independent control heaters

1. Top and bottom heaters are hot-air heating, the third IR (preheating area 410*380 mm) is infrared heating, temperature accuracy within ±2℃, the top and bottom heaters can set 8 segments rising temperature and 8 segments activity temperature, can save 50000 groups temperature curves for different BGA chips.

2. It can heat PCB board and BGA chips at the same time. And the third IR heater can preheat the PCB board from bottom, to avoid PCB from deformation during soldering or desoldering process. The top and bottom heaters heat independently.

3. The power consumption of the third IR heater can be adjusted, make PCB board heating evenly, avoid the PCB from being deformed.

4. The external sensor can detect temperature precisely, analyze and calibrate the real temperature curve accurately at any time.

5.Adopt liner slide which makes X,Y,Z axis all can do precision adjustment or fast positioning, with high positioning accuracy and fast maneuverability.

7. High definition touch screen, which can save multiple groups profile, password protection and modify function, and can save multiple groups profile(up to 5000 groups), equipped with instant temperature curve analysis function.

8. 3 independent heating areas from top to bottom. The 1st and 2nd are hot-air heaters, the 3rd is IR preheating, temperature controlled within ±2 °C. Top heater can be adjusted freely, second heater can be adjusted up and down, and the top and the bottom temperature can control many groups and sections of temperature parameters at the same time. The power consumption of the third IR heater can be adjusted.

9. Providing all kinds of hot-air nozzle, it can be rotated 360°c. With magnet, easy to install and uninstall, customized is available. Bottom IR heater ensure an even heat for PCB board.

10. Choose imported high-precision K-type thermocouple, closed loop control and automatic temperature compensation system,.

11. Use a V-groove equipped with a flexible fixture for PCB positioning to protect the PCB from deformation when heating or cooling, and it can rework for most of chips.

12. Powerful cross-flow fan rapidly cool the PCB board to improve efficiency. Also built-in vacuum pump and external vacuum suction pen, pick up the chips rapidly.

13. After finishing desoldering & soldering, there is an alarm and alarming in advance.

14.CE certificate, with emergency stop and Automatic power-off protection device when abnormal accident happens, with a double over-heating protection control.


The product details of 3 heating zones touch screen BGA reballing machine

Top air flow adjusting knob.jpg


Top air flow adjusting, especially for small chip repaired, such as, the IC of mobile phone(iPhone, Samsung and Huawei etc.)

Vacumm pen for chip picked up.jpg 

Vacuum pen, it can be used before soldering to replace chip on PCB, or after desoldering to pick chip up away from PCB.


lower heater adjusting knob.jpg 

Bottom HR knob, the bottom heater can be adjusted up or down by this knob for a proper position to heat.


rework operation interface.jpg 


Simple operation interface, a piece of touch screen of computer(PanelMasater), emergency button, temp sensor and “start” , machine can be working when all of parameter set.


The product quality of 3 heating zones touch screen BGA reballing machine

Vibration testing for BGA rework station.jpg 

This is simulation transportation vibration testing, every machine will be vibrated for at least 24 hours before delivery, to make sure it will have nothing bad to happen during transportation to customer, after that, machine will be tested its heating function for at least uninterrupted 24 hours, too, so far, we are the only one manufacturer who executes vibration testing in this industry.


Customer of BGA  rework station.jpg 

These customers are those who have bought our BGA rework machines, and most of them are still looking forwarder to further cooperation for Automatic locking machine and Auto soldering station etc.


FAQ of 3 heating zones touch screen BGA reballing machine 

1. Q:Is this machine with hot air only?

A: NO, it has 2 hot air heaters, 1 infrared preheating zone.


2. Q: What is BGA?

A: Ball Grid Array, a kind of chip that widely used.


3. Q: Do I need adequate operator training before using BGA rework station?

A: The skill can be practiced, and itself is developing, you can use and study .


4. Q: Is a successful temperature profile perfect ?

A: The BGA rework profile is as important as the assembly reflow profile, and in most cases duplicates it. Without it, you won't achieve a successful and repeatable BGA rework process. 

Know-how about the BGA packing


In today's information age, with the rapid development of the electronics industry, computers and mobile phones have become increasingly popular. People The functional requirements of electronic products are more and more, and the performance requirements are getting stronger and stronger, while the volume requirements are getting smaller and smaller, and the weight requirements are getting lighter and lighter. 

This has led to the development of electronic products in the direction of versatility, high performance, miniaturization, and lightweight. To achieve this goal, the feature size of the IC chip will become smaller and smaller, and the complexity will increase. As a result, the number of I/Os in the circuit will increase, and the I/O density of the package will continue to increase. In order to meet this development requirement, some advanced high-density packaging technologies have emerged, and BGA packaging technology is one of them. The trend of packaging of integrated circuits is shown in Figure 1. As can be seen from the figure, BGA packaging technology currently occupies a major position in small, lightweight, high-performance packages. 

The BGA package appeared in the early 90s and has now developed into a mature, high-density packaging technology. Among all package types of semiconductor ICs, the BGA device has experienced the fastest growth during the five years from 1996 to 2001. In 1999, BGA's production was about 1 billion, which is expected to reach 3.6 billion in 2004. However, the technology so far has been limited to packaging of high-density, high-performance devices, and the technology is still moving toward fine pitch and high I/O counts. BGA packaging technology is mainly applicable to the packaging of PC chipsets, microprocessors/controllers, ASICs, gate arrays, memories, DSPs, PDAs, and PLDs. 

2 Characteristics of BGA Package BGA (Ball Grid Array) package, which is a solder ball array package, which forms an array of solder balls at the bottom of the package substrate as the I/O terminal of the circuit is interconnected with a printed circuit board (PCB). Devices packaged with this technology are surface mount devices. The BGA packaged devices have the following features compared to traditional foot-mounted devices (Leaded De Qce, QFP, PLCC, etc.). 1) There are more I/Os. The number of I/Os in a BGA packaged device is mainly determined by the size of the package and the solder ball pitch.


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