Optical Alignment BGA Rework Station

US $2.00-$3999.00 / Piece
1 Piece Min. Order
Dimensions: 610*570*750mm
Weight: 60KG
Rated Capacity: 5300W
Current: 20A
Voltage: AC 110~240 V±10% 50/60Hz
Rated Duty Cycle: 100%

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Product Details

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Humanized design:

l  Embedded with Industrial PC + Intelligent temperature module, Stable and  reliable.

l  Windows OS interface in English and Chinese + USB interface, easy operate.

l  With 5 different size of nozzles: upper: 31*31mm, 38*38mm,41*41mm.  Bottom: 34*34mm 55*55mm. 

l  Any size of nozzle can be custom, Titanium alloy material, never deformation, never rusty.

l  Adopt three heating zone, upper heater and lower heater are hot air, bottom is  infrared preheat zone.

l  High power cross flow fan, fast cooling the pcb, prevent it from deformation.


Accurate temperature control:

l  Three independent temperature heating + PID self setting adjusted + PLC control to ensure temperature accuracy will be on ±2°C.

l  It can set 8 segments heating, and massive storage of groups temperature profile.

l  Setting BGA heating curve conveniently and index search.

l  Automatic temperature curve analysis.


Convenient visual alignment:

l  Optical alignment system + CCD color lens system.

l  2 color separation, magnification, micro adjustment.

l  Auto focus, auto correction, auto color differentiation.

l  Light brightness adjustment system.

l  Japan Panasonic camera can move frontward and backward.

l  Built-in vacuum sucker, pick up the bga chip conveniently after desoldering.


Precision components:

l   Precise fine-tuning knob of bge chip, adjust angle of bga chip to alignment.

l   X, Y , Z micrometers fine-tuning, Placement accuracy will be ±0.01 MM.

l   V-groove clamp + universal fixture suitable for all kinds of PCB.

l   Hot air nozzle with magnet, rotate in any angle, easy replace and operate.

l   Heating system and placement head 2 in 1 design, precise positioning.

l   Top air speed adjustable function, prevent tiny bga from movement when heating.


Perfect security design:

l  With fan failure protection, thermocouple failure protection function.

l  Overheating protection, emergency stop function.

l  Start up password and modify protection.

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