Hot Air Optical BGA Reballing Station

Hot air optical BGA reballing station This machine DH-G730 is an automatic IC rework station, with 15 inches display screen, and 1080P, and imported optical CCD camera that can split two colors for chip and PCB, especially used for IC of mobile phone , such as, iphone, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi...

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Product Details

Hot air optical BGA reballing station

This machine DH-G730 is an automatic IC rework station, with 15 inches display screen, and 1080P, and imported optical CCD camera that can split two colors for chip and PCB, especially used for IC of mobile phone , such as, iphone, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi etc.


The product details of hot air optical BGA reballing station


Total Power


Top heater


Bottom heater




Operation mode

Two modes: manual and automatic.

HD touch screen, intelligent man-machine, digital system setting.

Optical CCD camera lens


Monitor screen


Camera magnification

1x - 200x

Workbench fine-tuning:

±15mm forward/backward,±15mm right/left,

Upper micrometer for angle adjusting

60 ͦ

Placement accuracy:


PCB position

Intelligent positioning, PCB can be adjusted in X, Y direction with “5 points support” + V-groov pcb bracket + universal   fixtures.


Taiwan led working light, any angle   adjustable

Temperature profile storage

50000 groups

Temperature control

K sensor, close loop

Running method

PLC control

Temp accuracy


PCB size

All kinds of mobile phone motherboard

BGA chip

1x1 - 80x80 mm

Minimum chip spacing


External temper sensor



L420×W450×H680 mm

Net weight



Product details of hot air optical bga reballing station

display screen of soldering station.jpg

HD monitor screen, 1080P, dots of chip and PCBA can be imaging on it, when observing two kind of colors folded, just click “start” to start machine.

IC repair optical CCD camera.jpg

Imported optical CCD camera, which can image two kind of colors on that monitor screen, in order to align for bga, IC and QFN etc.

Micrometer for ic reballing machine.jpg

Micrometer for PCB fine-tune to right or left and rearward or backward when aligning for chip to PCB.

bga station functional buttons.jpg

Bga rework station’s functional buttons, such as, air flow adjusting for top hot air when desoldering or soldering, emergency button and light adjusting for CCD camera.

touch screen of SMT rework station.jpg

DH-G730 bga rework station operation interface, simple and easy to operate, all of parameter can be set on the touch screen, it is the controlling center of this whole machine.


About our factory

factory dINGHUA Technology.jpg

Our factory outside


development and Research department.jpg


Development and research department for new style Bga rework station developing

exhibition for BGA rework station.png

Bright and wide exhibition room for BGA rework station showing for customer visiting


our office.jpg 


One of our office


workshop for reballing station.jpg


Our workshop for BFA rework station assembling


Delivery, shipping and serving of hot air optical bga reballing station

All of machine will be packed in plywood case(no need fumigation), and put wood bars, foam and small carton paper etc, for machine fixed.

Every machine will have at least one year warranty for whole machine, and 3 years for heaters, if order more than 10 set at one time, the warranty years would be 3 years.

FAQ of the hot air optical bga reballing station 

1. Q:If I have to use a nozzle for hot air ?

A: Yes, if your chip’s size is not regular, the nozzle can be customized.

2. Q: When I clean the residual, do i have to use alcohol?

A: No, you also can use solvent, anyway, after using that, you’d better wash your hand.

3. Q:How many dose the machine have heaters?

A: 2 heaters, both of them are hot air, as all of the mobile phone PCBs are very small, they are not necessary to be preheated.

4. Q: What size can it pick up by its built-in vacuum pen?

A: The available size is from 1*1~80*80mm


Repairing knowledge or tips

Hole Repair, Transplant Method


This method is used to repair severe damage to a hole or to modify the size, shape or location of an unsupported tooling or mounting hole. The hole may have component leads, wires, fasteners, pins, terminals or other hardware run through it. This repair method uses a dowel of matching board material and high strength epoxy to secure the dowel in place. After the new material is bonded in place a new hole can be drilled. This method can be used on single sided, double sided or multilayer PC boards and assemblies.


Damaged inner-layer connections may require surface wire adds.



1.0 Foreword

2.1 Handling Electronic Assemblies

2.2 Cleaning

2.5 Baking and Preheating

2.7 Epoxy Mixing and Handling




Base Material Rod


End Mills


Micro-Drill System


Mixing Sticks


Precision Knife

Precision Drill System

Razor Saw

Tape, High Temperature



1.Clean the area.

2.Drill out the damaged or improperly sized hole using a carbide end mill or drill. Mill the hole using a precision drill press or milling machine for accuracy. The diameter of the cutting tool should be as small as possible yet still encompass the entire damaged area.



Abrasion operations can generate electrostatic charges.

3.Cut a piece of replacement base material rod. Base material rod is made from FR-4 dowel stock. Cut the length approximately 12.0 mm (0.50") longer than needed.

4.Clean the reworked area.

5.Use High temperature tape to protect exposed parts of the PC board bordering the rework area.

6.Mix the epoxy.

7.Coat both the dowel and the hole with epoxy and fit together. Apply additional epoxy around perimeter of new material. Remove excess epoxy.

8.Cure the epoxy per Procedure 2.7 Epoxy Mixing and Handling.



Some components may be sensitive to high temperatures.

9. Remove tape and cut off the excess material using the razor saw. Mill or file the dowel flush with the board surface.

10.Complete the procedure by redrilling holes and adding circuitry as required.

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