Automatic Optical BGA Reballing Machine

Automatic optical bga reballing machine Product of introduction of automatic optical bga reballing machine The BGA rework station is an automatic with HD monitor screen(15 inches), imported optical CCD lens for alignment, and precisely controlling temperature & time industrial computer....

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Product Details

Automatic optical bga reballing machine


Product of introduction of automatic optical bga reballing machine

The BGA rework station is an automatic with HD monitor screen(15 inches), imported optical CCD lens for alignment, and precisely controlling temperature & time industrial computer.


Product parameter of automatic optical bga reballing machine

Total Power


Top heater


Bottom heater

2nd 1200W, 3rd IR heater 2700W


110~250V 50/60 Hz

Operation mode

Two modes: manual and automatic.

HD touch screen, intelligent man-machine, digital system setting.

Optical CCD camera lens


Camera magnification

10x - 220x

Workbench fine-tuning:

±15mm forward/backward,±15mm right/left

Placement accuracy:


Bga positioning

Laser positioning, fast and accurate position of PCB and BGAXXX

PCB position

Intelligent positioning, PCB can be adjusted in X, Y direction with “5 points support” + V-groov pcb bracket + universal fixtures.


Taiwan led working light, any angle adjustable

Temperature profile storage

50000 groups

Temperature control

K sensor, close loop, PLC control

Temp accuracy


SPCB size

Max 370×410 mm Min 22×22 mm

BGA chip

1x1 - 80x80 mm

Minimum chip spacing


External temper sensor




Net weight



Product feature and application of automatic optical bga reballing machine

1. Embedded industrial PC, Digital system setting, Three independent heating zones, Panasonic CCD camera system, HD touch screen conversational interface, PLC control, Multi-functional integrated control, Human structure design, Folding optical lens, Optional number, store and choose temperature profile.

2. Two operation modes in system: Auto/manual. Auto mode: auto soldering/desoldering bga with button. Manual mode: Manual up/down top head to soldering/desoldering bga with joysticks. Both modes combines with optical alignment and laser positioning to finish the process. Meanwhile, build-in vacuum can pick up bga chip conveniently.

3. Multi-functions: “fast positiong”, “holding temperature”, “pressure sensor”, “instant temperature analysis”, “voice warning before heating finish”, “HD visual optical alignment”, “High precise temperature control, high repair rate, high stability”, etc.

4. High precise k-type thermocouple closed-loop control and PID automatic temperature compensation system, with PLC and temperature module and intelligent control unit to enable precise temperature deviation on ±2℃. Meanwhile, external temperature measurement connector enables temperature diction and accurate analysis of real time temperature curve.

5. Laser positioning: help rapid place PCB on the center point, and with “5 points support position”, more convenient and accurate.

6. Movable universal fixture prevent pcb from damaged on fringe component, suitable for all kinds of pcb repairing.

7. High power LED light to ensure brightness for working, and with different size of magnet nozzles, titanium alloy material, easy replace and install, never deformation and rusty.

8. 6-8 segments temperature can be set for top heating and lower heating(up to 16 segments). 50,000 groups of temperature curves can be stored, which can number, modification and apply at any time according to different BGA. Curve analysis, setting and adjustment are also available on touch screen.

9. With Voice warning 5-10 seconds before heating finish: remind operator to pick up bga chip on time. After heating, cooling fan will work automatic, when temperature cool down to room temperature  ( <45℃ ), cooling system will stop automatic to prevent the heater from aging.

10.CE certification approval. Double protection: Overheating guard + emergency stop function.

Product details of automatic optical bga reballing machine

Optical CCD lens of BGA rework station

optical CCD lens of auto BGA machine.jpg

Optical CCD lens imported from Panasonnic in Japan, which has upper side and lower side, can split two kind of colors showing on monitor screen. 

Vacuum pen built-in top nozzle                           vaccum pen for chip picking up.jpg

2 in 1 design for chip replaced or picked up conveniently and precisely,also sensor component installed in the vacuum pen, when it run downward touch PCB or any block, it would stop immediately, so that PCB can be protected.


Independent heaters

hot air and IR.jpg

Top hot air heater, bottom hot air hear and infrared preheating zone, when small ic repaired, matching small nozzles, and IR preheating can be turned off.


3 micrometers for PCB and chip adjusting 

micrometers for pcb and chip fine-tune.jpg

Upper micrometer for chip angle adjusting, max 60°can be rotated, lower 2 micrometers, one is for PCB moved to left or right, one is for PCB moved to left or right, fine-tune is 15 mm.


Universal fixtures for PCB fixed

PCB fixed.jpg

1.“V”groove for a PCB with regular edge

2.“thin-tip”for holes in PCB with irregular edge

3. Crocodile clip for any PCB with any shape


Industrial computer for BGA rework station temperature and time controlling

temperature profiles of bga rework station.jpg


This is a touch screen of industrial computer, on which the temperature and time can be set.PID real-time catching temperature and calibrate, and almost no any heat fade in first 5 years,both of them can make reworking high successful rate come true.


Product of qualification of automatic optical bga reballing machine

Machines have been sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Asia etc.

exhibition for BGA rework station.jpg

Taking part in Canton Fair 2 times very year, 1 time overseas for 1 year, such as, Dubai, Bangalore and Berlin etc.


Delivery and shipping service of automatic optical bga reballing machine

Before delivery: Machine will be vibrating for testing as least 24 hours, after that, let it run for constant 12 hours, then packed in plywood box, so, if you are urgent to get machine, please place an order at 2 working days ahead of delivery.


After delivery:providing a tracking number, and report real-time shipping details,once machines were received, sales-after engineer will guide how to install and use etc.


FAQ of automatic optical bga reballing machine

1. Q: It can repair macbook, mobile phone and gaming console etc.

A: of course, it can not only repair them but also others, such as, top set box, TV and air conditioner and so on.

2. Q: Is it automatic BGA rework station?

A: Yes, it is, no matter when you soldering or desldering, it can

automatically work.

3. Q:Is it full IR BGA rework station?

A:No, it has 2* hot air heaters and 1 IR preheating area.

4. Q:How can I operate?

A: when machine received, just take out from a box, and plug-in(power),

Select the temperature profile or set a temperature profile, then working.

Latest news of automatic optical bga reballing machine



To determine the appropriate coating removal procedure the coating must first be identified. During original manufacture the specific coating is usually known. Consequently, the coating removal methods can usually be specified and based on the known coatings being used.

When identification of the coating is not available, simple observation and testing will help identify the coating characteristics so that the proper removal procedure can be specified.



The generic or commercial identification of the coating material is not necessary to accomplish coating removal.


Penetration test in a non-critical area to determine relative hardness. The harder the coating the more suitable to pure abrasive techniques. The softer and gummier the coatings the more suitable to the brushing removal procedures. 


Abrasion operations can generate electrostatic charges

2. Transparency

Obviously  transparent  coatings  are  usually  more  suitable  for removal than the opaque type. Removal methods used with opaque coatings  must  be  far  more  controllable  and  less  sensitive  to damaging the covered components and printed board surfaces and are usually slower.

3. Solubility

Test the coating for solubility characteristics in a non-critical area with trichloroethane, xylene or other solvents with low toxicity and mild activity.


Printed board assemblies should not be immersed in harsh solvents.

4. Thermal Removal

Use a thermal parting device with controlled heating and without a cutting edge to determine whether the coating can be thermally

removed.  Start with a low temperature, approx. 100° C (210° F),and increase the temperature until the coating is removed.  If the coating flows or gums up, you are too hot or the coating is not

suitable for thermal removal.


Do not exceed the maximum component storage temperature or other limitation.

5. Stripability

Carefully slit the coating with a sharp blade in a non-critical area and try to peel back from the surface to determine if this method is feasible. Due  to  the  adhesion  required  of coating  materials,

strippable techniques without chemical aids is usually very limited.

6. Thickness

Determine if the coating is thick or thin by visual means.  Thin coatings show sharp component outlines and no fillets while thick coatings reduce sharp component outlines and show generous fillets at points of component or lead intersection with the printed board. Thick coatings usually require two step removal methods to prevent surface damage to the board. First reduce the thick coating down to a thin one and then use pure abrasion methods to reach the surface of the board.

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