Hot Air Keyboard BGA Reballing Machine

Hot Air Keyboard BGA Reballing Machine

IR keyboard BGA reballing machine Full IR BGA rework station with 2 heating areas, being suited for a large size chip(less than 80*80 mm), and those PCB, such as, TV, Gaming console and computer etc. 1. Production parameter of IR keyboard BGA reballing machine 2. Product details of IR keyboard...

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Product Details

IR keyboard BGA reballing machine


Full IR BGA rework station with 2 heating areas, being suited for a large size chip(less than 80*80 mm), and those PCB, such as, TV, Gaming console and computer etc.


1. Production parameter of IR keyboard BGA reballing machine

Total Power


Top heater


Bottom heater

1800W,fully enclosed in a glass-shielded compartment


110~250V 50/60Hz    

Top head movement

Up / down, rotate freely.


Taiwan led working light, any angle adjusted.


Store 10 groups of temperature profile


V-groove, PCB support can be adjusted in X, Y direction with external   universal fixture

Temperature   control

K Sensor, Closed loop

Temp accuracy


PCB size

Max 270 * 320 mm Min 20* 20 mm

BGA chip

5*5~80*80 mm

Minimum chip spacing

0.15 mm

External temper sensor



L480×W370×H390 mm

Net weight

Approx 15.5KG


2. Product details of IR keyboard BGA reballing machine

Top IR heater, 80*80 mm,450W, 110~240V (optional) used for almost all of chip to heat upcell phone repair.jpg

Be widely used for motherboards with big size up to 270*320 mm

Bottom IR  chip level repair.jpg

Bottom IR fully enclosed in a glass-shielded

Universal fixtures, with crocodile clip, “V” groove and convex staff for any different PCB with any shape to be fixed, no matter the PCB is TV, computer even though iphone etc.

used BGA rework station.jpg

Universal fixtures for any PCB with irregular shape

Instrument Panel for temperature and time setting, easy to operate and use conveniently

infrared panel of IR machine.jpg

Instrument panel

3. Special feature IR keyboard BGA reballing machine

Imported heater, high quality, durable.

Taiwan infrared preheating ceramic plate, glass guard.

Adopt two heating zone, upper heater is infrared, lower heater is infrared

preheat ,too.

K type close loop control, the temperature accuracy will be on ±2°C

With outer sensor connector, detect actual temperature when heating.

Sound hint system: there is voice reminder 5s-10s before the completion of heating,which let operator prepare


4. Our service IR keyboard BGA reballing machine

Before delivery: Machine will be vibrated testing for at least 24 hours before delivery, after that, make machine tested again, see it is OK.

After delivery: when machine arrived at your custom, we will email, call or WhatsApp to you for goods being processed in time.

Machine received: Providing you technique to install and operate etc.


5. Packing of IR keyboard BGA reballing machine

Carton case, foam inside for making machine fixed

Packed size: 48 * 53 * 41 cm

Gross weight: 23 kg

bga rework station carton case.jpg



1. Q: Where to buy bga rework station?

A: Contact us, please click HERE


2. Q: Which bga rework station is best?

A: Dinghua Technology is the best supplier for BGA rework station in China.


3. Q: What is bga rework station?

A:It is the term for the refinishing operation or repair of an electronic printed circuit board(PCB) assembly, usually involving desoldering and re-soldering of surface-mounted electronic components (SMD).


4. Q: How BGA rework station works?

A: A machine with hot air flow and/or infrared heaters is used to heat devices and melt solder, and specialised tools are used to pick up and position often tiny components. A rework station is a place to do this work—the tools and supplies for this work, typically on a workbench.


Tools and Materials 

Repair is and may always be a highly labor intensive operation relying more on individual operator skills than automation. Despite the availability of very good tools for repair, many in-house repair operations are poorly equipped. Here are a few guidelines for the basic equipment needed in an up-to-date repair operation.


1.Ergonomic Workstation 

Good repair work can't be done at an old workbench or makeshift setup. Performing PC board repair requires a high degree of concentration and dexterity. A proper workstation that is ESD grounded with proper lighting, outlets, and comfort is therefore essential. When possible, commonly used systems can be bolted to the work surface to improve efficiency.



2.High Quality Stereo Microscope 

Precision repair cannot be done without a microscope of this type available to the repair operation 100% of the time. Limited access will not do since it must be used constantly. Use of video cameras and monitors, although they may be fine for inspection or training, should be avoided. They cannot provide the clarity that quality optics offer. Also, the microscope needs a good light. Halogen, or fiber optic lighting systems with flexible goosenecks to direct the light are the best for this application.



Precision soldering is vital to modern repair operations. Repair technicians can't get by with the traditional soldering tools that were commonly used as recently as a few years ago. They need the very best soldering irons that are highly controlled, ergonomically designed and feature a wide assortment of small tips.


4.Component Removal Tools 

Today's expanding variety of large and small components require an array of special use tools and methods for safe, efficient component removal. These tools generally use either conductive heating (by contact), convective heating (by hot gas) or infrared heating (by focused infrared lamps). Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the particular application.


5.Preheating Station 

When possible, you should preheat the entire PC board before SMT component removal. Preheat minimizes thermal shock due to localized heating in the rework area, and speeds up the rework process. Most facilities have a curing/drying oven, but a preheating station for maintaining heat in addition to the oven is often necessary. A hotplate-style preheater or infrared heater will maintain the temperature of the board after it is taken out of the oven, or can heat the board up from ambient temperature.


6.Micro Drilling and Grinding Tool 

Bulky, hand-held drilling and grinding tools that have both the motor and power supply contained within the handpiece are difficult to manipulate for the kind of detailed work that is necessary in repair. The type needed is preferably a lightweight, high quality, dental style drilling tool.

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